Release 0.8.2


New Modules


  • Support eapi command revision syntax (158) [jerearista]

    Support requests for specific revisions of EOS command output

    >>> node.enable({'cmd': 'show cvx', 'revision': 2})
    [{'command': {'cmd': 'show cvx', 'revision': 2},
      'encoding': 'json',
      'result': {u'clusterMode': False,
                 u'controllerUUID': u'',
                 u'enabled': False,
                 u'heartbeatInterval': 20.0,
                 u'heartbeatTimeout': 60.0}}]
  • Add clearer error message for bad user credentials. (152) [mharista]
  • Reformat EapiConnection send methods exception handling. (148) [mharista]


  • Fix route map getall function to find route maps with a hyphen in the name. (154) [mharista]

Known Caveats