New Modules

  • Add OSPF API (95) [brigoldberg]
    Big thanks for the community support!


  • Enhance Node enable() method (100) [dathelen]
    This enhancement adds a send_enable flag to the enable and run_commands Node methods. By default the enable command will be sent, however you can now run commands without prepending the enable.
  • Finish OSPF API (99) [dathelen]
    Create system tests and add unit tests to increase code coverage.
  • Add Cross-Platform Support for pyeapi (94) [grybak-arista]
    Use logging instead of syslog for better cross-platform compatibility. This enhancement provides support for Windows users.


  • Allow dot and hyphen in mlag domain-id (91)
    Include handling any character in domain-id string, including dot, hyphen, and space.