New APIs


  • Add banner support to System API (75) [dathelen]
    Add API support for EOS banners and motd.
  • Issue #18 performance fixes (74) [cheynearista]
    Rework underlying HTTP transport to improve receive performance.
  • Redmine issue 648 (73) [grybak-arista]
    Fix some instances where an empty string as negation would not properly negate the option/command.
  • setup.py print statement for python 3 (71) [mzbenami]
    Reformat print statement to work properly with Python3+
  • Implement add ACL with seq nos (70) [dathelen]
    Add a sequence number when adding a new ACL entry.
  • Fix for redmine issues 234 and 268 (68) [grybak-arista]
    Reworked some system tests for robustness get_block accepts a config string as well as the default ‘running_config’
  • fix #7 and fix #37 (67) [grybak-arista]
    Certain command errors will return more detailed information. The connect() method can optionally return a node object.
  • Add disable key to existing modules for negation of properties (65) [grybak-arista]
    Modules now take disable=<True/False> to negate the command, rather than overloading value.
  • Compatibility fix for current mock versions (64) [wtucker]
  • Add key error checking to set_tracks (63) [grybak-arista]


  • Failure when eapi.conf is not formatted correctly (38)
    Adds more robust error handling when parsing eapi.conf files. Also, if an error is found it will syslog the error and continue parsing any other eapi.conf files.

Known Caveats