New APIs

  • Add VRRP (57) [grybak]
    Add support for VRRP configuration.
  • Add Staticroute (45) [grybak]
    The staticroute API enables you to set static IPv4 routes on your EOS device.
  • Add VARP (43) [phil-arista]
    The Varp API includes the subclass VarpInterfaces. These two combine to provide methods to set virtual IP addresses on interfaces as well as set the global virtual-router mac-address.
  • Add Routemap (40) [phil-arista]


  • Making configure RADIUS compatible (53) [GaryCarneiro]
    Modifies the syntax of the config method to use configure terminal instead of just configure.
  • Close #46 (47) [phil-arista]
    This enhancement allows you to set the LACP Mode while executing the set_members method. The call would look like node.api('interfaces').set_members(1, [Ethernet1,Ethernet2], mode='active')
  • Added support to specify timeout (41) [dbarrosop]
    This enhancement provides a way to specify a connection timeout. The default is set to 60 seconds.
  • Add BGP maximum-paths support (36) [phil-arista]
    This enhancement adds more attributes to eos_bgp_config. This provides the ability to configure maximum-paths N ecmp M in your router bgp R configuration.
  • Add sshkey support to users API (34) [phil-arista]
    This enhancement augments the users API to now support SSH Keys.


  • client.py ‘def enable’ returned dictionary key inconsistency (35)
    The key that’s supposed to be returned is result but instead the method formerly returned the key response. For now, both response and result will be returned with the same data, but response will be removed in a future release.
  • [API Users] Can’t run set_role with no value (33)
    The node.api(‘users’).set_role(‘test’) method didn’t remove the role or default the role as you would expect. This bug fix resolves that.
  • [API Users] Can’t run set_privilege with no value (32)
    The set_privilege(‘user’) method did not properly negate the privilege level when no argument was passed into the method.
  • [ API interfaces ] get_members regex wrongly includes PeerEthernet when lag is up (28)
    The get_members() method wrongly included a duplicate member when the show port-channel N all-ports showed the PeerEthernetX. The regular expression has been updated to ignore these entries.
  • [API] users - can’t create password with non-alpha/int characters (23)
    The characters (){}[] cannot be part of a username. Documentation has been updated to reflect this.
  • Users with sha512 passwords don’t get processed correctly using api(‘users’).getall() (22)
    Fixed regex to extract the encrypted passwords accurately.

Known Caveats

  • failure when eapi.conf is not formatted correctly (38)